Tax Pooling

 Key takeouts:


Tax Pooling

 Key takeouts:


Tax Pooling

 Key takeouts:


Tax Cuts for Employees

Personal tax cuts may have a greater economic benefit than cutting company tax rates, says a joint report by Treasury and the Inland Revenue Department. 

The finding contradicts the belief that cuts to the corporate tax rate are the best stimulant for economic growth.


When Trusts Go Wrong, Part 2


The other day I was reading a legal newsletter sent me by a brother. The newsletter was from Brookfileds Lawyers and went on to say: - 


 How Exposed is a Trust to the Economic Fortunes of the Settlor?


Company Owner Loan Accounts And Tax Debt


Who’s Debt is it Anyway?


Have you ever thought of the legal status of your loan from your company if it is overdrawn and the business fails due to tax or other debt? This issue was the subject of a recent very interesting decision of the High Court.


The Background


Tax Avoidance - Don't Get Caught Out - That is if you earn as much as Drs Penny and Hooper do!

 Recently the Supreme Court released its decision in the Penny and Hooper.


Xero: Third Generation Accounting Software

Hi Guys,

Have a look at my website On it I’ve summarised for you the benefits of Xero as the latest in online accounting software technology …

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